Texas State University

Texas State University offers a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, and their website says, “Professional Training for a Career in Musical Theatre”. The program is led by Kaitlin Hopkins & Jim Price.  If you do not know these two, then you need to do some research because they are two brilliantly talented people who have taken this once dying program to a national recognition in the world of Musical Theatre education.  One of the best things going for the program, also, is the affordability – especially if you are a resident of Texas.

Here is some valuable information about auditioning for the program.  All information comes directly from their website:


• NOVEMBER 18th, 2013 – if you wish to attend the on-campus callbacks January 11th or 12th, 2014.
• DECEMBER 1st, 2013 – if you wish to attend the callbacks at Chicago Unifieds February 2nd, 3rd or 4th
• JANUARY 1st, 2014 -if you wish to attend the on-campus callbacks February 15th or 16th, 2014

February callback dates fill up quickly, we advise that you submit your pre-screen video prior to the deadline.

• Please state your name and the pieces you are performing at the beginning of your video submission
• Please record your pieces in the following order and DO NOT sing acappella.
• Please use either pre-recorded tracks or a live accompanist.

• You need to prepare two contrasting songs- one traditional musical theatre song, and one contemporary song.
• Your contemporary selection can be either a contemporary musical theater song or a pop/rock song.
• Each song must be no longer than 32 bars.
• Having said that, it is more important that you sing music you love, than adhere to the guidelines and that you sing songs that you feel best represents your talent. Especially on your pre-screen.

• Prepare a one- minute contemporary monologue.
• Make sure that your selection is appropriate for your age and in the contemporary realism style.
• The selection should NOT require dialect, costume or props.

If you receive a call back you will be required to do a second contrasting monologue

• If you have had any dance training in jazz, tap, or ballet and can illustrate some technique; or if you have a musical theatre dance combo in your repertoire, please include a dance audition as part of your video submission. The dance video is not required but recommended.
• You may include a previous dance performance, a one-minute combination that you prepared, or you may just demonstrate your ability in any or all of the following areas: (it is okay to include multiple clips)
 In Jazz demonstrate any or all of the following: triplets, jazz square, isolations, leaps, jumps, battements and/or turns.
In Tap demonstrate any or all of the following: shuffles, flaps, buffalo, Irish, maxi-ford, time-steps, waltz, clog, riffs and drawbacks.
 In Ballet demonstrate any or all of the following: pirouettes, jete, pas de bourree, waltz, pique turn, battements, and/or fouettes.” (all info came directly from the website of Texas State University)

If you get a “callback” then please visit this link: BFA in Musical Theatre