Online Vocal Coach D’Lytha Myers, based in Fort Worth, TX

D’Lytha Myers is a great option for an online vocal coach, specializing in Musical Theatre.  She is a singing teacher, based in Fort Worth, who helps folks figure out how to sing musical theatre songs, while building a fantastic repertoire book.  She helps students get into top Musical Theatre BFA colleges around the nation (something The Trap Door is a big fan of).  Also, she helps her students with upcoming auditions, as well as just overall vocal health.  The Trap Door recently asked D’Lytha a couple of questions and here is what she had to say…


Tell us a little about yourself (and your training):

“I always sang. When I was younger, I was a huge fan of Kids Incorporated on the Disney channel and my parents exposed me to all of the great movie musicals.  So, I would sing and dance around the house, recreating what I had seen.  I also had a day bed with a trundle bed – and I would pull the trundle bed out but leave it down so that I had a bi-level “stage” in my room.  I would write musicals and perform them for my friends and parents.  That started in about the second grade.

My formal training started in the 9th grade.  That is when I joined my school choir and began voice lessons. I was very competitive in high school and won a lot of awards.  I also performed in my school’s musicals, plays, and community theatre shows, as well.

After high school, I attended The University of Oklahoma’s Musical Theatre program and earned my B.F.A. in Musical Theatre.  I completed my schooling in only three years because I tested out of a lot of credits, entered with some credits, and took over 20 hours most semesters.

After undergrad, I moved onto New York City and had some great experiences there (as well as some not-so-great).  I took as many classes there as I could afford and performed in a few shows.

Then, I moved to Fort Worth, TX (where I now teach voice lessons).  Within a month of moving to Texas, I was hired by Casa Manana and given my Actors’ Equity Card, had been hired by another wonderful Children’s Musical Theatre Company, Kids Who Care, to help with Musical Direction on their camp show, and I had met my future husband.

By working at Casa Manana as a teacher and performer, and working at Kids Who Care as a Musical Director and teacher, I learned that I have a passion and love for teaching children music.  It is so rewarding to hear them grow weekly & yearly, and to be a part of their successes educationally and professionally.

Over the last decade I have taught voice lessons to some amazing individuals.  The kids have helped me grow as a teacher, helped with my own understanding of the voice, and helped teach me how to communicate vocal techniques better.

Over the last few years I have even begun to teach adults.  I love teaching adults now because I can focus on a deeper level of understanding, just because adults are more aware of their own bodies and their vocal instrument.

Is there a common issue kids seem to have (vocally):

Yes.  Breathing.  It’s all about the breath.

I don’t spend a lot of time in a lesson dealing with breathing specifically.  I often spend about two minutes on a breathing exercise, once we have already had a couple of lessons.  But, I work in breathing techniques and exercises that address the breath throughout warm-ups.

Also, in Texas diphthongs are an issue, too.  In a students’ repertoire, we often take some time focussing on diphthongs.