So we’ve been on a little hiatus making theatre and film magic, but while on a recent trip, I made a friend that I had to comment on.

This will seem completely out of character for the content of this site, but I had such a great time and the product was such a blessing, I just can’t help myself.

Even theatre professionals need vacations, though people seem to think that all I do is ‘play’ all the time.  You know the ol’ cliche, “but no, I mean, what do you REALLY do for a living?”

We’ve all been there.  So after the close of a fantastic and season of ‘play,’ I decided that I needed a little R&R.  It’s something that I recommend to all of you out there who are ‘hoofing’ it on the streets of NYC/LA or anywhere…trying to live the theatre life.

We can get caught up in the ambitious race and forget to take some time for ourselves.  On a recent trip to Florida, I practically spent an entire week doing absolutely nothing living, reading, and resting in a surprising and unexpected place, a hammock, of all things.

On my way home, I was still dreaming about the hammock that I spent the week in, my new ‘friend.’  So, instead of dreaming about it, I did a little investigation and found out where I could get one for myself.  Bringing a little of my vacation home with me permanently.

I found my lovely, supple friend at Surf City Hammocks online, and you can get one too.  So link through that former link to get to the home page or click here to go directly to the store.

If you don’t buy your own hammock, don’t forget to treat your heart, soul, mind and body with some respect.  Watch what you eat, drink, how you think, and don’t forget to get some rest…. and not just while you’re on vacation.  Your career and body will thank you.