Family Film finally in Post

So I mentioned, quite some time back… ago that crowdfunding was hot, and I sent many of you to visit a campaign online for a movie an associate was a PA on.  Thanks to a bunch of you guys, it actually saw the light of day and is now in post; expecting a release  later this year, or who knows, exactly… Could be next spring, I guess.  Either way, It’s quite exciting to know that you all assisted in bringing about a feature as poignant and challenging as a feature film like this one.  You’ll absolutely love it, I have no doubt.

I know quite a few of you comment that you’re always hunting wholesome movies that you can show your family — films that are not poorly written, like so much of the fodder out there…. and, the toughest find –something that has substance.  They are like rare gems…, BUT….  Aria Appleton, the movie is what I’m writing about and it certainly is right on the money;  I can’t wait for you to see it and let me know what you think.    It’s funny, musical, and shows great life lessons for kids and adults alike.  it has 6 original songs that every musical theatre nut will appreciate. But they’re done in an unusual way… kinda breaking the mold, in my opinion.

More information is posted at


Directed by Nathan D. Myers  and written by his wife, the outstanding vocal coach and musical theatre diva:  D’Lytha Myers


Go check it out!