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Crowdfunded Family Film

Here’s a unique opportunity to be involved in a rare, excellent family film. Crowd-funding is also a wonderfully fulfilling way to support indie art!


Not sure if you’ve visited the website in the last few days.  If so, and you found her unavailable, please forgive us.  We have been doing some optimizing with a web-design company, and we were off-line for a few days.  We hope this was no inconvenience to you. Thanks!  ~Sally Oh, I almost forgot, I…

Texas State University

Texas State University offers a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre, and their website says, “Professional Training for a Career in Musical Theatre”. The program is led by Kaitlin Hopkins & Jim Price.  If you do not know these two, then you need to do some research because they are two brilliantly talented people who have taken…