Musical Theatre

There have been numerous studies that have been conducted linking arts education and academic achievement.  Participation in the arts is very important in a child’s education.  Those who are interested in Musical Theatre should be encouraged to take courses in drama, music, and dance.  Students who have been involved in the performing arts have outscored non-arts students on both the SAT and ACT tests. This is most likely due to the fact that the arts exercise and develop higher level thinking skills.  The involvement in drama activities have proven to improve reading comprehension, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and those students who are involved in the arts tend to have better school attendance.  Students with learning disabilities often have their skills improved if they are involved in the arts.  Students have been known to have higher self-esteems if involved in the arts – they have a sense of involvement, know their identity, and a better understanding of social skills.  Students can express themselves more easily if they have experience in dance, music, and theatre.  Musical Theatre allows children a sense of independence, and yet allows them to collaborate.

Musical Theatre

Please explore this website and learn about Musical Theatre programs in your community and around the nation.  This website is devoted to providing the public with reviews of Musical Theatre colleges, Musical Theatre summer camps, and general Musical Theatre educational resources like voice teachers, theatres that offer acting classes, and dance studios focussing on Musical Theatre dance styles.

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